My College Matters

Inspiring College-Bound Students to Thrive

Cupola on Home Moravian Church, Salem College (Photograph by Paul N. Orser)

Cupola on Home Moravian Church, Salem College (Photograph by Paul N. Orser)


Our Mission


We inspire college-bound students to thrive in their current and future educational endeavors. We connect students with opportunities, advise students regarding best collegiate choices for themselves and their families, and help students find their voice. We believe in the value of establishing partnerships with students and parents, and we stress the contribution and accountability of the individual student in our collaboration. We maintain a strong and frequent collaboration with each other to bring our strengths and experience to each family.



We tailor services to fit the needs of each student and their families.  Our clients typically begin their relationship with us in their freshman or sophomore year of high school.  


Academic Coaching

As students move through their high school years, we guide students in their academic progress, connecting them with resources as needed.

Course Advising

Each year or semester, we discuss with students and families how students can best perform at their potential while still engaging their interests and talents.

Extracurricular Participation

We advise students and families to invest in what matters most to them outside of the academic day—volunteering, sports, the arts, and community involvement.

College Search and Scholarships/Financial Aid

We counsel students and families to find the best collegiate fits academically, socially, financially, emotionally.  We teach students how to find their voice and frame their story in their application essays.  As students and families apply to their chosen colleges and universities, we guide financial discussions and applications for aid and scholarship opportunities.  

College Selection and Financial Packages

We discuss with students and families the colleges in their acceptance list and the financial aid packages they have received to help inform their selection.