Why Choose My College Matters


If you or your student are college-bound, we welcome your consideration of support in the college journey.  We offer a unique, professional experience spanning high school and academia:


Comprehensive Approach

Beginning as a freshman or sophomore, your student will benefit from our guidance from the start of his or her high school career.  (We are often able to accommodate juniors and seniors as well.)  We believe in the value of establishing early partnerships with students and their families. 


As experienced writers, teachers, and counselors, we know how to assist students to write with clarity, guide students in framing their story, and help them bring out their own voice in their writing. 


We have over two decades of experience in educational consulting and teaching writing.  We know professionally both the high school and college sides of the equation with 15 years teaching in public and private high schools and over 20 years in academia, including college admissions.  We consult with one another to provide the best advice, resources, and recommendations possible. 


Our driving focus is what is best for your student and for your family, and our honest advice and suggestions reflect that concern. 

We stress the contribution and accountability of the individual student in our collaboration.  Students always retain authorship of their essays. 


We accept no monetary retainer; fees are by the appointment—when advisable and when needed.  We charge only for the time working directly with or for your family and when reviewing your student’s college applications and essays.  Our fee is commensurate with our experience and expertise.